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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Closing Time

Max was woken up at 5am by Jacob asking for his train set.

By the time Max ventured to go downstairs at 8am, Max had worked his way through several dreams that involved Lars preparing to wear his white shirt for the last time.

The first crit of Dinner surfaced in the Sunday Times, and it was not great. Nobody escaped retribution, with the exception of Irene, whom Max thinks the 70 year-old critic actually fancies.

The critic said that many of Max's lines were lost because of a lack of projection.

Liz is having problems dealing with Jacob. This morning he has uprooted plants, spilled tea on Pickles the bear, followed her up a ladder as she was trying to trim an overgrown shrub, skidded, fallen, put raw black olives into his trouser pockets, blocked the exit to the house when Liz tried to go to the stationer.

Liz is going to watch Max do his thing on final night.

Max is going to belt it out tonight.

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