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Thursday, December 30, 2004

The real tsunami

Welcome to an entirely new vernacular.

Today's word is 'tsunami'. It used to stand for a shrill Manic Street Preachers song from some forgettable album.

Now it stands for total destruction, for paradise lost, for possibly one hundred thousand souls drowned or battered in a flood that some religious freak will one day associate with the apocalypse.

Tsunamis after Christmas, before the close of the year, before people really had time to make a wish, hug their loved ones, and get inebriated in some loud, lonely party.

This year, Max has decided to pass on traditional New Year's Eve parties, or dinner parties with friends. Max will stay home, drink a glass of wine with Liz, and plan the future.

With a vengeance.

1 comment:

bablu said...

He Max,
Thats a very nic ethoughtto skip celebrations this year after all this death n destruction. Me decided to do very much the same. Keep Blogging...