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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Time is running out

In 72 hours, Max and the rest of the cast have to deliver Dinner to a paying audience.

Yesterday's run through was a sorry affair. Cues were missed, lines were fluffed, entries missed, egos squashed. Frank Hoerner smoked a cigarette in the courtyard at 11.15 pm and was silent for the first time in six weeks.

Max could follow his pacing in the dark by the burning tip of the cigarette.

At the end, the cast agreed it had to go for broke and rehearse every available time of day.

Max is grateful that he does not have to act for a living.

Max is not sure he knows what he is going to do for a living.

Max is not sure what he is going to do after Dinner.

Max is not having a good day.

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